“In the tapestry of life, personal relationships are the vibrant threads that weave meaning into our existence. They are not mere accidents but intricate designs crafted by storytellers, observed through the eyes of perception, and brought to life through the art of interaction.”

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In the first 2 blogs I explained that it is important to find the right balance between structure and chaos and how we can do that. The last section felt maybe a little strange for you. I pointed out that there is a need for a meta intelligence, one to support learning platforms and learning communities to stay human centered…

In this article I introduce you to BOBIP, Bringing Out the Best In People. Let’s go for a ride!

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In the previous blog I talked about the balance between structure and chaos. Through building structure in the unstructured, we can evolve to a human organizing system. The following question may pop up right away:
How can we structure chaos?

  • looking at a broader scoop: what is in for us?
  • bringing the outside in

In general to relate.

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Human Organizing

To make complex situations understandable, we try as humans, to put processes, knowledge, systems into visuals, models, frameworks, matrices etc… At best, these models are simplifications of reality and a stepping stone to a deeper understanding of the whole. But sometimes they are just too simple and too one-sided and they go awry. Yet they remain common good. one of these widely used models is this of an organization system.

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Within the trend of lifelong learning I’m convinced that peer to peer learning is an important and increasing way humans will learn from each other. First of all content is all over the internet and can be found easely. Universities, learning platforms as Udemy or Coursera offer a large range of digital courses  and micro learnings. We follow “Youtubers” or become member of online communities to develop our skills or insights. Especially the growth of learning communities triggers me.

What follows is what I observed by doing several interviews with community managers, community members and 2 focus groups between community members with as topic “How can we facilitate peer to peer learning in online Communities of Practice”.

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Last week, Philippe Urbain wrote an article in Bloovi about the changes in a company by Covid19 mainly about the influence on “the workplace”. Remote working became standard and we may evolve towards a hybrid working form, where the employee decides how to work from home, from an office. Today’s workplace is between the people. Todays workplace is ruled by culture.

The workplace has changed, but the workplace strategy has been omitted. Time to change that!

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