Monday, January 6, 2020, I read an interview in Bloovi with colleague corporate anthropologist, Jiske Kramer. Sound fragments immediately come back from my study period: “hmm what are you studying? “What’s that, what’s in it for you? Why do your parents pay for your study? You can’t make money with that, can you? ” “Is that useful?”

And they were partly right… it was not easy to look for a job, especially with little work experience in a crisis period, a while ago. What it was: a very educational experience, which makes me look at the world differently and from which I still reap the benefits every day, certainly within this transforming society.

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Maandag 6 januari 2020 las ik een interview in Bloovi met collega bedrijfsantropoloog, Jiske Kramer. Direct komen geluidsfragmenten terug van uit mijn studie periode: “hmm wat studeer je? “ Wat is dat, wat heb je daaraan? Waarom betalen je ouders die studie voor je? Daar kan je toch geen geld mee verdienen?” “Is dat wel nuttig?”

En men had voor een stuk gelijk… het was niet evident om een job te zoeken zeker niet met weinig werkervaring in een crisis periode. Wat het wel was: een zeer leerrijk ervaring, die mij anders doet kijken naar de wereld en waar ik elke dag nog de vruchten van pluk zeker binnen deze transformerende maatschappij.

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#transformation #innovation #technological #culture #feminine

Technological evolution is good. It is great that techies invent innovative tools to make our (working) life more enjoyable. This way we can evolve from ‘must’ work to ‘want to’ work or create. What effects do these technological innovations have on the transformation of our society?

An advantage is that we, as human beings, can focus on and strengthen our talents and competences. We get time to be busy with self-development and creation. If those innovations are made with open mind intersection will take place. I see a society where, instead of working, humans make time for self development. Finally we can can focus on sustainability.

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ethics #technology #sustanability

Ethic and technology, a topic that only grew in importance in the last year. And it is still a beginning. There is still a lot to do:

  • Intersection,
  • diversity within teams,
  • understanding each other’s language…
  • and of course going for the best for society
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FAith Belief and Culture Change

As a Cultural anthropologist I wander: what makes one culture dare to change more than another?

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Corporate venturing, collaboration between corporates and startups… we read and hear a lot about it on social media. But is it as simple as it seems?

From an anthropological point of view I will sketch some of the main corporate cultural differences.
You want to read this article in dutch, that’s possible

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We read often about new open inclusive organizational cultures. it is the smart choice when you go agile.

“Tribes” is a word that is often used in those literature about organization. It’s trendy! But what do they mean by it? Do they use it like the term is used in anthropology? And does it works?  

But what do they mean by it? Do they use it like the term is used in anthropology? And does it works?

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It is women’s day today… a day to celebrate!

A day to take time to feel the freedom who we are, to connect with our innermost self, our core. Being a woman today with opportunities, thanks to our mothers.

A day to be thankfull for the actions our mothers took and for all the opportunities they gave us.

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culture leadership power corporate culture

Leadership. Is it about men, women… culture and power? And which leader would I like to be? This questions were juggling in my head after I read the blog of Suyin.
I recognized something in the article:

“For me there is a big difference between managers and leaders. Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.”

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intelligentie kennis leren innovatie integratieve complexiteit

#Kennis kan men verzamelen, oppotten. Intelligentie is selectief. Beide kunnen getraind worden. In de digitale samenleving neemt intelligentie elke dag een stukje in belang over van kennis. Kennis, #data is goud waard en wordt verhandeld. Zonder context(en), zonder #intelligentie zijn ze niets waard.

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