As an organization you want to unlock the full potential of your learning communities. BOBIP is a breakthrough technology, that uses relational cognition to bring out the best in people.


One existing problem, which BOBIP provides a solution to, is the frustrations and weakened dynamics within learning cohorts/ communities

In many communities, information sharing often takes precedence over knowledge sharing. People talk past each other. They stay within their own cultural and disciplinary frameworks. This lack of understanding hinders collaboration and blocks the effective realization of innovative ideas.

In addition, resources for the role of a community manager are limited. Often young and inexperienced people, are brought in as community manager. Their tasks focus mainly on marketing but their responsabilities are on the dynamics of the community. The building structure and monitoring a learning community are too often copied from other types of communities. This structure and tasks are useful within a brand/product community. But are counterproductive in a learning community.

Along the other hand, community managers or facilitators are often seen as wizards who know everyone. However, they cannot maintain constant relationships with all the actors involved. As a result, individuals feel alone and unsupported. This is leading to dropping out and disintegration of teams/ cohorts. This is a pitty! After the training, learners have the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in the workplace. This is an excelent moment to exchange experiences and insights among the group of learners.

The solution we offer with BOBIP is to empower Individuals and build relationships.

BOBIP offers a solution to these frustrations by encouraging individuals to self-reflect. Through selfreflection they are able to position themselves ( better) within the group. By prioritizing self-awareness, teams can easily be assembled with compatible members who can nurture creative ideas and turn them into practical plans. This approach fosters collective knowledge within both small teams and the broader community.

Humanize communities with engaging relationships

To humanize communities and create meaningful engagement, BOBIP introduces a metaprocess that elevates connections to relationships. This involves taking individuals out of their immediate context and engaging them in conversations about the broader environment. By understanding the individual within a larger context, we can build stronger relationships and foster collaboration.

The Process: Self-Reflection and Matchmaking

The BOBIP process consists of two essential steps. First, there is an ongoing conversation that encourages self-reflection among actors, guided by a logical framework . This self-reflection enables individuals to build relationships and create engagement with others. The data collected is then aggregated and anonymized, providing community leaders with a collective picture.

In the second step, BOBIP facilitates matchmaking between actors so that they can support each other based on their respective abilities and skills. Through self-reflection and matchmaking, individuals position themselves within the group, promoting commitment and cooperation. Commitments are based on ongoing conversations and take place only when both parties agree, ensuring that individual desires and interests are aligned.

The result: An enhanced community with increased potential

By implementing BOBIP, communities can undergo remarkable transformations:

1. Empowered individuals: Actors within the community become self-reliant and support each other and the collective in the pursuit of common goals.

2. Practical implementation of creative ideas: BOBIP facilitates the realization of a greater number of creative ideas, bringing innovation to life.

3. Increased potential for successful spin-offs: With enhanced collaboration and collective knowledge, communities can unlock greater potential for successful spin-off projects.

Embrace a new approach to education and engagement

In the field of educational technology, many solutions rely on student conditioning. BOBIP, however, offers a refreshing alternative. It taps into relational cognition and empowers individuals, promoting true engagement and collaboration. Say goodbye to traditional conditioning and unlock your community’s full potential with BOBIP.

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