Hello, I am Evelien, Business and innovation are my dynamic playing field,

learning and creating my drivers.

I don’t really match with one box, boxes are not maneuverable…

I am:

An anthropologist with 17 years of experience in business coaching;

An artists with knowledge of finance;

A dreamer who is looking for facts;

A technological evangelist with a strong human touch.

I’m a rebel for freedom, with a heart for all.

My vision, mission and approach

I am curious and love to learn!

But the individual learner does not exist without the other, the collective, context and the possible relationships between all.

YES wisdom is born in interaction, supported by commitments.

Self-reflection & meta-knowledge.
You want me to dive in to some new content? No problem I’ll jump!

Are you looking for a new technology that really supports the pedagogical aspect? Let us explore your needs an dthe possibilities!

I have expanded my network in a collection of brightly colored experts. I refer you warmly and I love transparent communication. Enthusiasm graces me and together with you, we will come to solutions.

The entrepreneur is central to me. Wisdom only arises when we combine knowledge with experience through interaction. Let that be my way to trigger you as an entrepreneur or organization to learn, to grow.

Observation – Imagination – Connection

Observation is also the starting point of a learning process. I am curious and eager to learn. As an anthropologist, participatory observation is one of the widely used research methods. You observe this with all your senses. I use this on a daily basis for coaching and facilitating groups.

No fun without Imagination! Imagination flows from observation. Through this creative and solution-oriented process you discover different points of view and they provide a broad, innovative view. Innovation comes from this broad field of vision. Look further than boxes and structures go for the connections!

Connection is the last word in my Trinity, I am a born networker, I not only bring people together but I also make easy links or associations to come to solutions or that can mean a step towards change or renewal.

The wisdom of the seal may be challenging, but its rewards are great!

The seal spends time in the water as well as on land. Water is a creative element and also stands for fantasy and imagination.

Thanks to her visits to the land, the seal remains grounded.

She will always test and feed her inspiration through research and uses both intuition and research as inspiration.

In this way she develops her wisdom through hard work and with purpose.

On the other hand, the seal has undergone many evolutions to survive in both contexts, which gives it more insight and enthusiasm to play creatively with this.

Short Overview

Since three years I teach entrepreneurship at Thomas More, University of Applied Science in Belgium.

Four years ago I gathered  a consortium to build to lay the foundation of an edtech network in Flanders. This was in collaboration with Imec I. start, Sandbox VRT, Syntra Vlaanderen en Work out Room VDAB.

I study educational entrepreneurship at Olu University of Applied Sciences, Finland. I’m still doing research about learn communities and self en collective empowering technologies.

And I’m member of different edtech accelerators (over Europe) and communities about the future of education. Eg I volunteer at Planet Pilots, where a group of intercultural children think about the future of education together.

Do you want to know more or be updated? look at my linkedin!