Consultancy (

“Discover your possibilities as an entrepreneur, observe and build new insights and collaborations. Wisdom arises between noses and ensures that we evolve into a sustainable society. Learning, creating, that’s what I go for! ”
– Evelien Verschroeven –

Sustainable growth for your business, your team and yourself!

Your first concern as an entrepreneur is that your business grows. That’s not so easy in this transforming society. You need to know a lot about innovations and trends, be everywhere, know the companies results and targets, be a leader who can motivate or even inspire her employees… Next to this, you are a person and you want to be a husband or wife, a father or mother, a brother or sister, a friend…

Within two words you have to be a Super Hero! 

The result of my holistic intervention:
you visualize the core of your business,
you are more aware of the companies culture
you think outside the box and go for sustainable partnerships
you move more flexibly in the transforming society.
and above all

you go for sustainable growth